Our Service Flow

Team Apex introduces personnel fitting your various vacancy needs. Our talent introduction service is indicated below:

1. Your Enquiry

Contact us at telephone +852 3899 7721 or by email info@teamapex.com.hk or online at "Contact Us"

2. Confirmation of job request and our service content

Upon receiving your job request, Team Apex will contact you by telephone/email and our consultants will visit you to confirm the details of job, company background and remuneration packages. Our "Terms and Conditions" will be presented for your agreement signature. Our fees are charged on contingency basis, which implies no fees incurred until offer is extended to the candidate.

3. Talent referral

Team Apex will introduce candidate(s) by email to you for your consideration and interviews will be arranged at your request.

4. Interviews and Results Follow up

Candidates will be arranged to interview time agreed. After interview, contacts will be made to you regarding the interview results and any feedback.

5. Employment Offer and Commencement

Team Apex will be pleased to coordinate with you and the candidate regarding employment offer, employment terms negotiation. An offer confirmation will be arranged for you and the candidate before commencement. Team Apex will also follow up with candidate after employment started.

For any enquiries, please drop your message at "Contact Us" or by telephone +852 3899 7721